Why Should I Have A Personal Site?

From time to time, I ask myself: what have I learned through the past twenty years’ s at school? Knowledge, skills, or just tricks to deal with homeworks and exams? Whatever they are, it is difficult to convey them through simple words. A frustration indeed. For many times, ideas pop up in my mind which makes me so excited, but I totally forget about them afterward. Yes, I need to write them down somewhere. Little drops of water make an ocean.

After thinking for a while and trying different tools (e.g. OneNote), I believe starting a blog would be the best solution to all of the above frustrations. I would rather show than tell what I have to offer, not to other people, but to myself.

Choosing a theme for this blog is difficult. I am interested in too many things (not a good thing). Although I am close to finish my Ph.D in traffic engineering, transportation does not quite line up with my desired career. This is why I took another degree in Statistics, which opened me a door to the world of data science. I used to be shy and afraid to speak out my desired career path, but I want to keep honest to myself. Yes, I want to be a data scientist, or at least a career related with data analysis. Considering my background in transportation, A data scientist dealing with traffic data would be my dreaming position.

The sole purpose of this blog is to archive what I learn each day while trying to achieve the goal, particularly about data science, R, and everything else that makes me feel delighted and inspired.

Written on May 25, 2015